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​We offer country wide shipping

Shipping costs may vary based on courier rates and travel distance from Pretoria, SA.



OTB offers a virtual illustration of the final design to be approved by the client before initiating the build. Therefore, unless the turnout differs to a large extent, from what was illustrated, OTB cannot be held liable for a dissatisfied outcome.


OTB considers itself an ethical entity and shall adhere to a moral code of conduct. Therefore, reasonable requests will be attended to post delivery, to provide customers with complete satisfaction in cases where minor rectifications are required.

Notwithstanding to the above, the initial deposit paid, will be non-refundable, as to cover all costs associated with material purchases.


Upon excepting the terms and conditions contained herein, the client  provides his/her permission for OTB to use any images of any piece crafted by OTB, for purposes of marketing.

The personal information of each client shall remain strictly confidential and may not be shared for any reason without first procuring proper consent from said client


​- Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) as per Invoice

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